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Kelly Peterson announces bid for 2nd Senate District

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Kelly Peterson announces bid for 2nd Senate District

April 19, 2024 8:28 AM CDT

By: Lisa M. Hale

APPLETON, WI – (WGBW & WISS) – Former journalist Kelly Peterson of De Pere, announces her candidacy for the newly drawn 2nd Senate District. Peterson cites her main campaign focuses to be  women’s reproductive rights, childcare, healthcare, education, and farmer’s issues. 

“Like a lot of Wisconsinites, I’m frustrated. We don’t want to see women’s reproductive rights taken away. We don’t want to see parents out of work because there’s not enough childcare…We don’t want to see veterans struggling for healthcare,” said Peterson. “We want our voices heard, and that’s why I am running.”

Peterson says women’s reproductive rights are her number one issue.

“There’s no place for a politician in my exam room, or any woman’s in Wisconsin or this nation,” Peterson says.

She also is very concerned with farmer’s issues. 

“I worked on a program called America’s Heartland. It’s a show on PBS, where we celebrate agriculture in America. I traveled the country highlighting farmers…Oftentimes I would see the struggles they faced with roads in disrepair, equipment failures, mother nature, tornadoes, weather, climate, PFAs, all of that falls in. There are so many issues they face. I want to go in and listen and see what needs to be addressed in Madison.”

She says elected officials are not showing up to discuss things like PFAs, which she calls a huge issue for Wisconsin and Senate District 2. 

The 2nd Senate District is 65.3% Republican. Peterson, a Democrat, said she is confident she can win the district. 

“This is the first time, honestly, I’ve ever done anything like this. I am just frustrated, and I know the people of Wisconsin are. I have a really good feeling. As Marilyn Lands did in deep red Alabama, in Huntsville, Alabama, she turned it blue. So I am confident we can make at least some change in this district.” 

Republican Eric Wimberger of Green Bay who was drawn into the new 30th Senate District moved into the 2nd, where he will fun. Wimberger said he moved into the 2nd Senate District to live closer to family and the family business in Lakewood.

The 2nd Senate District includes portions of Outagamie, Shawano, Oconto and Menominee counties. 

Press release:

Kelly Peterson Launches Campaign for State Senate

APPLETON, WI – Today, former journalist, Kelly Peterson, launched her campaign for State Senate in the newly drawn 2nd District, which includes portions of Outagamie, Shawano, Oconto and Menominee Counties.

“Madison isn’t working for the vast majority of working Wisconsinites,” said Kelly Peterson. “Families are searching for affordable, accessible childcare. Family farmers are continuing to be squeezed out of business. And time and time again, women are demanding that their representatives protect their fundamental right to bodily autonomy. But Madison, including Eric Wimberger, remains indignant to these problems, oftentimes acting in direct defiance. I’m running because your voice matters and if elected I’ll carry that voice to the State Capitol and deliver for hard working families across the 2nd District and Wisconsin.”

Before being elected to office, Kelly was an award-winning journalist, winning four Emmys for her work producing documentaries on education, healthcare and human trafficking. Currently she’s a college educator and resides in De Pere with her husband, Chris, a 20 year air force veteran and stepson, Ryan.

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